wish list two: warmth

I have taken a real love to the kitchen.  About a year ago I started manipulating recipes to be a bit healthier.  I trimmed down and was feeling great.  I still cook, but have gotten a bit away from the healthier meals daily…bad me.  I scoured the produce market today for some great veggies and healthy choices.  Spending time in the kitchen is much more fun with awesome toys.  Here’s some fun things great for anyone’s wish list. 

Cupcake Lover Necklace from Saritas Jewelry Box at Etsy — who doesn’t love, love, love cupcakes?!

Wooden Cook Sign from Old New Again at Etsy

Primary Color Pyrex Mixing Bowls: You really have to search for these, but they are out there and they are great.  While you are purchasing those, go on and get the primary color baking dish.  Nothing cooks better.  My favorites. I used to scour flea markets for them. I plan on getting back to it one day

Zoku Quick Pop Maker from Williams-Sonoma — How great would this be for puree fruits that may be a bit too ripe to eat and juices and all things frozen and fun.  I once heard Trav say(while on his kick of eating frozen fruits), “It’s natures popsicle!”

Moleskin Recipe Journal from, go figure, moleskin — this is great for modifications of recipes.

Stainless Steel Snack Bowls from CB2

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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