Wish List One: Sparkle

I have often spoken of my fondness for Stella & Dot Jewelry!  My favorite.  So this wishlist, is completely, Stella & Dot, my icing on the cupcake.

1. Pearl & Pave w/La CoCo Concept: I love the pearl and pave addition to the la CoCo. So pretty!

2. La CoCo Concept: This is one of my absolute favorites and when you go take a look you will see why.  You can create so many styles down the line and it starts with this foundation piece.

3. Jolie Cocktail Ring: This ring is full of beautiful colors and I think would look absolutly great with the little hoot owl.

4. Owl Pendant: It’s just fun.  The end.

5 & 6. Pave Necklace and Earrings: Classic, beautiful. Awesome.

7. Gold Vintage Link necklace: Classic + Bold = Epic. Therefore, another favorite.

Go forth and sparkle. You can get all these great pieces over at Stella & Dot!

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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