mission DIY: week one: project one

Last year I really wanted to do all do it yourself Christmas gifts.  However, I didn’t.  Such is life. This year. I am on a mission.  It starts with burlap.  I saw this DIY burlap wreath over at The Creative Place, they found it over at Tatertots & Jello. I fell in love with the wreath and the blessings board, and thus beginning the Do It Yourself Mission. 

Welcome to Week One: Project One…{insert intense sound here.  I am thinking the law and order, “bom bom.”}

The above is my start of the burlap wreath. Tomorrow my favorite 4-year-old will help me make 2 more, with additional touches.  I am not sure that they blessings board will be next, but something similar will come next.  I do believe it will be a combo of an inspiration/art board.  I love this one.

{found at Vintage Mint}

 We shall see where the scraps lead me…

 I am looking for many more handmade gifts.  If you have any suggestions email them my way: red.gray.design@gmail.com.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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