it’s beginning to look a lot like…

THANKSGIVING!  Not Christmas.  Although you wouldn’t know that by the Christmas songs in every store, the fact that a friend of mine–who’s name shall not be mentioned–already has her Christmas tree up.  All these hints of Christmas–lead me to one simple fact. 

I have yet to design my Christmas cards.  I have know idea what to do.  I want something great, but then again…define great. 

I am not big on photo cards, but if you are Kal Barteski is doing great things.

{found at : love Life}

I would love to do completely handmade, but I truely do not have the time to do such a thing, but then there are people like Ms. Elise that are making December DIY’s seem like an everyday part of life. 

{found at enJOY it}

I am thinking small packages…I am thinking….something that I can handout and tie on everything. I am thinking something special. I am thinking something that sparkles. I am thinking something EPIC.  I will let you know how it goes.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W

give THANKS!


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