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I have decided to post a list of my favorite magazines out there. These are magazines and catalogs that I aspire to be in one day.  In one way or another.

First and foremost: I adore ReadyMade.  I can remember the first time I saw it.  More than likely I was a bit late in the game.  I was wandering around the Houston Border’s on West Alabama.  It was the place that me and my then guy would go when we were broke and looking for a date night.  We would grab a cup of coffee and hit up the borders.  I was perusing all the magazines, focusing on design magazines and photography.  I got so tired of Architectural Digest(my loyalties are with Architectural Record) and other overly fruity magazines…with the exception of Domino…tear….and Blueprint…more tears. That’s when I saw it…ReadyMade.  I picked it up expecting to be bored with it, but quite the contrary. I loved it!

Next on my list: Anthology. This is a new and fabulous magazine.  Each magazine has a theme.  The first issue is/was all about taking it slow…as you can see by its awesome cover.  In the anticipation of its first issue, Anthology composed the most awesome stop motion video which can be viewed on their website as well, called “Print is not Dead.”  (see below) Amazing.

These are my two favorite print magazines out there right now. I highly suggest that you take a gander at both of them.  If not for the amazing content than the amazing graphics.  There is one last little print number out there that I truly love. I get so excited every time it comes in the mail. 

{This is an old issue, but one of my favorites!}

I adore the Anthropologie catalogs.  It helps that Anthropologie is a plethora of awesomeness, but the graphics, the photography–pure bliss. 

There is something so beautiful about catalogs, about pages of great design in my mailbox, about paper, about print.  Print is definitely not dead…thank you Anthology for reminding me.


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