it’s all relative…

So a week ago bridal shoots.  Which only reminded me that I really need to hardcore start working out for this wedding…bum bum bummmmmm.

First, I must get through the reunion.  With that on mind, which is less than two weeks away lets talk dresses.  First and foremost…I am on a massive budget.  That is all there is to that.  So I found these two dresses at Ann Taylor, online of course, both final sale, both strapless, both in my size, and both for less than what I paid for one that I just couldn’t get behind.  Here’s to hoping they are amazing.  I would post pictures…however…no such luck online as they are sold out and the site is down. 

Reunion talk brings me back to looking hot, hot, hot.  I had lost a bit of weight in the past months…just because.  I have plateu’d. It is a tragedy. I went to a wedding shower this weekend, and granted I was not wearing the most flattering of outfits. I was pretty disgusted on how I looked like a big yellow blimp in cute boots.  So I think it’s time to get back in the swing of things. Much like this feller:

I mean it is really hard to get in the swing of things.  Really tough…how am I supposed to realistically, exercise when I would much rather be sleeping, eating, or playing?  I must keep in mind that I can not look like a blimp as a bridesmaid.  Must not let my arms look like flattened bratwurst at my side.  I must not be nervous about photos that will start getting tagged of me during this wedding.  I must never have this much trouble finding a dress again. 

I must now, working a video for this reuinion and think about working out and hope that thinking about it will burn the calories. 

wishing you a lifetime of paper rainbows…W


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