suicide birds

When I was a little girl, I loved Sesame Street.  In fact I do believe somewhere in the course of this blog I wrote about my insane obsession with Big Bird.  This lead my Aunt Jane to call me Bird.  I am still called bird to this day as a result.  This is just a random story about birds.  You want another random story about birds.

Well, my friend Jenni recently told me about the gang initiation birds have to go through before they are let into the bird gang.  Who knows what happens in this bird gang, but its exclusive! Well, in this initiation, the birds dive bomb cars and try to survive.  The lower you get, the cooler the bird you are.  {sidenote…as a Bird myself–see above–I would never participate in this initiation.  I am cool enough without a gang}  It is because of this gang ritual birds hit windshields. 

I feel as if I should share a picture of some birds here participating in this act, but I have none…so in the bird spirit, here is some awesome wall art of birds sitting on a wire watching their silly bird peers participating:

Vinyl wall art decals -- Birds on a Wire Wall Decal -- Inspiring Designs by Surface Inspired
{courtesy of Surface Inspired…click here}
Yes, I know…this picture and the art has nothing to do with my story, but this blog, this Epic adventure that I am trying so hard to keep up with, was all started in the idea that I would share creative mojo…gang initiations of birds does not fit that so I have to get some creativity in there somehow.  🙂 –Back to the story.
So I get back to Lafayette and I learn that there is another theory:
Theory 2, courtesy of Sweet T Werner(there’s one time buddy): The birds are drunk.  That’s right.  According to Sweet T, birds eat berries that have fermented, thus becoming intoxicated and then dive bomb cars and fly into widows. 
I only share with you these two theories because yesterday something terrible happened.  Jenni, her mom, and I traveled to take her bridals for her upcoming nuptuals.  On the way home I am sitting in the back seat when thud, something hits the windshield.  I instantly think…why in the world are balls being thrown at us down a highway, when all the sudden the mother daughter pair say it, “Oh my gawd, that was a stinking bird!” My heart stopped, I felt it crying.  I instantly looked back as if I was going to hop out of the car and take the lil feller to the birdie hospital.  I couldn’t believe, I wouldn’t believe.  Of course they then tried to tell me it was a tennis ball…they were bad liars.  I was told by Jenni the lil’ guy had it coming due to his gang initiation.  I then sent out the text messages to tell of the gang initiation I was involved in.  I got a mocking text message back about how this had become twitter news and Elizabeth Gilbert was so taken back by the suicide birds gang mission that she was writing a manuscript entitled “Suicide Birds: The wacky stories of a girl and her bestie”…of course I rolled laughing at the text and my worries of the fallen feller had faded.  I also then quickly realized the humor of the text message was lost in translation as I read it.
When I later inquired about bird gang initiations, I was then given theory number two.  This equally disturbed me as I felt like there should be a PSA for birds killed in FUIB-Flying Under the Influence of Berries.
because none of this can really bring the bird back to life, I just felt like it was my duty as a fellow Bird to honor this unknown bird and all his bird friends.  So this m&m’s for you my fallen friend…originally it was a n m&m adn the video of the bird funeral on the office, but I could not find a clip of it…so I shall make it 2 m&m’s. 
lifetimes of paper rainbows…W
Lagniappe…here’s a sneak peek of the bridals!

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