let the wild rumpus begin!

Hola, my fair people.  Let me apologize for the lack of update.  I will start today with catching you up. 

I GOT A JOB!  A REAL JOB!  THAT I LOVE!  {here I fist-pump} 

This new job first took me St. Louis for 3 weeks of training.  I wish I could say that I got out a lot in that time period, but alas, I only managed to escape for Labor Day weekend and take myself about the town.  I took too few pictures, but I will say that I was there just long enough to know that I think I could just move on over to St. Louis one day.  It seemed to be the perfect size city, but still with that southern charm.

{Here we have my feet as I wait to board flight 5 of 8 in my St. Louis adventure}

{and my favorite part…the fact that my favorite river ran right on through–note I did ride the metro just to be able to say that I spent a big of time in Illinois as well.}

{you’re welcome NOLA for my toe jam.}

{A bit more of Louisiana up here…hanging out with the penguins}

{but of course}

So, after three weeks of training, I was very much in lust with the great city of St. Louis, but very much ready to get home.  There is just something about 115% humidity and a 105 degree heat-index–I shouldn’t complain about the weather, as of today the weather was outstanding, OUTSTANDING!

I will now go back to working on a poster for my mom, a bit of work, and then a solid amount of sleep.  Until we meet again(which given my latest track record may be a while).

…lifetimes of paper rainbows…W

lagniappe: the title=I have “Where the Wild Things Are” stuck in my head.


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