when does it all slow down?

The past couple months have been a whirlwind of re-definition.  I feel as though I am not even at a crossroads but just on a road, a bumpy one at that.  How do you redefine yourself when the rest of the world is doing the same? Furthermore, how is it that a gal with now discernible career could have two planners and wonder when it all settles down.  Searching for the “perfect job” seems to be much more time-consuming than actually having one.   But in the mean time…I will build my graphics portfolio!  and I am having a great time playing around with Julie and the Stella and Dot.  It may very well just be something that can serve as an awesome fun distraction from the intermission that my life is on right now. 

No worries because on my journey I have my trusty sidekick, Maggie.  I look at her each and everyday and wonder when she got so old.  Look at that gray! 

Then there is my obsession with cucumbers.  I snack on them all day.  Sometimes at work I pass by the salad fixin’s and I grab a couple.  All it does is make me want and desire them more.  I guess there could be worse obsessions, like my ongoing obsession with coke. 

I found a great nail color.  It is not the one pictured.  However, how cool is it that this is named Ragin Cajun.  I almost got it just to support that fact that I am a Lafayette gal now.  The color I found is “Rumor has it…” I got it on sale for 99 cents at Sephora!  It is a light …drumroll please… gray.  Who would have thought.

Then there are the random DIY…that I have been working on.  I have all the Thank you cards printed and cut, I just now have to send them.  That could take another 2 weeks.  For those of you that sent me some wonderful gifts and birthday wishes, please don’t hate me…the thank you cards are coming. 

…lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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