i live here

Lately I have been on the move a lot.  I have moved to 3 different places since November 2009 all within the same city.  Well I have finally settled in one place for at least the next 9-10 months.  I have decided to take you on a mini tour of my place, my space.  Most are of my bedroom, which is more decorated as I would like my office to be, but I only have one space, so it serves double duty. Enjoy!

(this is my bathroom.  I get clean here.)



















To the left you will see my night stand…which is really hat boxes stacked…with a stack of domino* and my “dream” print.  I love my lamp…it makes me happy.  To the right is a piece of molding I found.  It has become a shelf, this one particularly to hold my jewelry.  It’s my mini dressing station.)

Here we have my wall of….well stuff, including: my paintings, my Saints graphic, “Off Magazine Street” which is the book that “A Love Song for Bobby Long is based on, a great inspirational cupcake, (on the bottom it says, “Here’s to dreams.”), headphones…shadow people, a picture, and my Daisy Chic Bird with a french fry print.



















 Then there is the lobster cage turned bookshelf.  It holds all my randomness.  A rock that says, I love you in French. My daughter Fleur-de-lis(my mom has the other larger one), an oil can from my Papaw’s old company, a puppy piggy bank from childhood, a great bird stuck in a cats cradle pencil drawing, and my silver bulldog.  Below a bit more to show.

This concludes your tour for the day. Please exit the in a calm manner.  We thank you for virtually visiting Shady Oaks Abode.  When I get around to cleaning the living room I will get you pictures of that and the kitchen, not to mention the great back yard.  Toodles.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…


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