Eat, Pray, Love, Repeat

It should come as no surprise to anyone of you that read this little adventure I like to call a blog that I am:

1. One of the flakiest people you will meet.  If you are excited about something, I will be too.  I will hold this excitement with you and I will dance in the rain with you. I will be inspired by your passion and then somewhere I will lose the intensity till you have to remind me that I was so passionate about it in the first place.  This all plays along with the fact that I have a to do list as long as I-10 that may have 1 or two completed things on the list. 

2. I am an awful dancer. I have no rhythm and my mom says that this is mostly due in part to genes, as she can not dance either.  One must assume that my father was an awful dancer as well, cause I mean really, what 6’4 man can really bust a move? Not to mention my mother on countless occasions has mentioned that I am in fact just about a carbon copy of my father. 

3. I am in love with this world.  I get equally worried that the sun will not rise and excited that it does.  One only feels these two extreme emotions when they are either: clinically insane or in love.  Speaking from a girl who has undoubtedly been in love I feel confident in saying, I am in love with this world. In that I am quite sure if I never “settled down” I would have plenty to keep me calm, collected, content in this world.

4. On the other hand, if not party to number 3, I am insane.  Not the “padded room” insane, more the “Girl interrupted” insane.  I still jump on my bed.  I eat m&m and popcorn till I am sick, knowing that it will make me sick.  I am quite certain I drive my friends nuts telling them of my dreams the night before, asking them to interpret them.  I am also quite positive that God, Jesus, my father, my nana, and my papaw all look down from Heaven and say, “What a crazy girl. Will she ever learn?” With that said…I am just a girl…interrupted.

With all this said I asked gave Travis a book a very long time ago.  It was one of my favorites. I read it and connected. I had never had someone speak to me like the author did.  Sure I knew/know exactly who my God is, but her writing. Her stories. Her loss of passion. Her finding of passion.  All of this was something that I could relate to.  At the time I read it I had just met Travis.  He was going through a divorce and I read a page of this book and it reminded me of so many of the conversations we had.  Months later when Travis and I met again, I had long finished the book.  He wanted to understand how my mind worked.  I told him I couldn’t really explain and he would never understand.  You see, his mind works on a completely different level.  I knew I couldn’t explain, but I thought…maybe if he read a book that became a part of me for the summer and since…then he could capture a glimpse into me.  I was never sure if he actually read the book until recently.  He called and said, “Whitney, I don’t know if this book just embodies you or if you were morphed to embody the book.”  I laughed. I think maybe it was a little bit of both.

When I read Eat, Pray, Live.  I connected for the first time with a written novel.  This novel embodied my list above.  (disclaimer: I am in no way saying that Ms. Gilbert is any of the things mentioned above, but after reading “Committed,” the follow-up to “Eat, Pray, Love,” I am pretty certain that we may have been cast from the same type of mold.)  I have always wanted to write my story.  I used to tell my boyfriend in college, “Andrew, if Dawson’s Creek could be such a hit, I am quite positive, that my life could be too.”  Truth be told, the story I was writing back then and for a few years after is not quite the story I would like to be remembered for, but a las it is me.  Ms. Gilbert, however, well her story even if just a part of her story gave me hope that even when we are down on our luck, questioning all that is right in our lives, we can still have a story to tell and more importantly it can be an EPIC, great, exciting, funny adventure. 

Well, you can imagine my excitement when I sat down today to “work” and I started perusing the web.  That’s when I saw it…

I must admit…I shed a tear. I hope that the movie is just as good as the book for that matter I hope that the full movie is just as good as this preview!  I used to tell that same boyfriend back in college that Julia Roberts was my favorite actress, so to have her playing Ms. Gilbert, well that is just icing on the cake. 

I know what I will be watching this summer.  Till then…I will watch the preview over and over again in anticipation. 


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