Petite Petit

Lately I find myself with days off and working nights.  You wold think this would leave me time to do all the things I really love doing: catching up on blogs, art, creating, etc.  I find all it has me doing however is imagining creating, writing, and actually eating way too much junk!  This is awful, especially since I love to cook and had become quite good at cooking quite healthily. This morning at some unholy hour I woke up with my body revolting against all the crud I have been eating.  It was about that time on the floor I decided I would get back in the habit of eating at the very least at regular times and not, breakfast at 1 lunch at 6 and dinner at 10:30 when I get off work. 

The day started off quite well. I got up rather productive.  I ripped the sheets off my bed and threw them in the wash and washed the dishes.  I cooked some lunch for noon.  It was not the healthiest lunch, but hey gotta finish up the food that is in the pantry, right?  I then found myself with the t.v. on Giada at Home.  Why have I ignored this show for so long?

Picture of Blended Cherry Mojitos Recipe

(Yummy blended cherry mojitos)

On this particular episode there were cherry mojitos, shrimp spring rolls, and beef pops.  I have already printed all the recipes and plan on hosting a tiny little dinner one night soon.  All this to say I was thinking of my favorite cocktails to have with dinner.  I have always wanted to be one of those that enjoyed a glass of wine with dinner.  I have, however, never found a wine that I really enjoy as a nice dinner beverage…except one…I became a woman on a mission to find this wine!

I remembered the label.  Two elephants. It looked like the backstage of a circus.  I remember it from my days in Houston. I worked for the Gingerman and loved it.  It could only be bought and served in Texas by a food establishment, so I couldn’t find it anywhere. At the time I could not even find it at my favorite wine shop in Slidell.  I was a woman on a mission this morning to find this sweet, dry red wine. I am thrilled to report I was successful:


(Michael David Petite Petit)

Now with all this said, anyone who would like to order and send me a bottle of this wine…well, let’s just say I will not turn it down.  Now if you will excuse me, I am going to call Marcello’s and see if they can’t get this great wine in for me.  I may just be a glass of wine with dinner gal after all. 

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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