suprise its a grill

May 12, 2010 = first breaking in of the Shady Oaks palace.  Benoit is off to an internship in Galveston and well, it’s May and that means crawfish.  After much planning by the roomie, we sent out invites and gathered all the supplies.  We set up tents and tables.  We put out chairs. We loaded up on food and ice and made it happen.  The rest well, was perfection. 

(don’t eat the straight ones)

(i see roomies dressed in black)

All this to say that the party was a great sucess.  So much so that the next day while cleaning up we were discussing that we didn’t have a grill and cookouts in the back yard would be so much fun.  So I said, “You know, Cameron (my brother) has a grill that sits in his apartment and never gets used…hmmm.”  Fast forward to three days later and I come home from work to find a grill on my porch!  Cam had dropped it off while I was at work.  What a swell suprise.  So you bring the meat to grill and looks like Shady Oaks can host another cook out! Whoopee!


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