draft uno, dos, tres

So in the midst of all is going on…I am finally trying to find the time to sit down and work on some “save the date” designs for my bestest gal.  It is a process and I am on draft 2 of a completely different direction than what I was taking last time around.  I am liking the direction this one is going, but it needs a lot more work and planning.  Such is life.  I have found a great place to “work” when I am not at work. So a cup of coffee and my pup lying beside me, sounds like an ideal working environment. 

I really would also like to start getting a portfolio back together.  I am working on the concept of thumbnails.  When I look at all the things I like to get my hands in, I realize just how random I am.  One day it’s some graphics, the next painting, the very next paper designs.  Time to harness it all into some kind of unified portfolio book.  I think the box and envelopes that all the projects hang out in just don’t do them justice. 

For now…back to the drawing board.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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