Community coffee in the am

Well, once again the time had come to move. This time semi-permanent. Shady oaks drive has been good to me the past days. I think it will be a nice place to rest my head for he coming months.

This morning at Shady Oaks I awoke early and decided to take the pooch for a walking adventure in our new neighborhood. Then it was breakfast on the back porch while she frolicked and barked at the neighbor. I then made my way out the door, shipped off mother’s day gifts and dropped by the store. Wouldn’t luck have it that all this was done before 10 am. So I am now enjoying sunshine sitting on the porch at the coffee house writing to you. Whoooppeee. Tanning time is. Calling my name next.

I did want to share a peek of the new place. I call this the paper rainbow niche. It is the space right as I walk out each day, I must see things that make me smile: rainbow print, awesome calendar inspired by “keep calm and carry on” posters, Burtty the bird, Clapton on vinyls, coral painting, Buddha, and easy access to Arizona for capturing life. “oh-my- awesomeness”


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