sleepy dog + sleepy me

Oh Maggie May, it must be nice to watch me scramble around like a chicken with my head cut off.  I am trying desperately to get things in a working order and painted and looking awesome before the big move…again.  I want things to have a place and a purpose. I want to know exactly what I need and find an efficient way to get it.  In a nutshell, I am making plans and trying to organize myself.  I find the best way to start this process is by organizing my thoughts.  I have been really putting my moleskin planner to work! This is proving to be an exhausting process. I will not give up and I will get it done. 

Mail…I hope that the few times I have posted about postcards, mail, and letters, oh-my,  you understand that my favorite thing to do is to send and receive mail!  With the king and queen stamps out right now, it makes letter sending that much better!

I have sad news however about my mail, I have run out of my great envelope seals from K is for Kalligraphy!  Ahhhhh, what is a girl to do?  No fear, I got more.  phew.  Close one.  If you haven’t checked out all Katy’s great hand calligraphy items, you simply must.  I am now waiting from my set of these:

hello hand lettered envelope seals (20 total)

Yippee. How great are these?

Vintage Atlas Save the Date Stickers Limited Edition package of 50
I just think they are precious and perfect for that eclectic wedding.  Go Katy!
For now I will keep organizing and keep sending mail.  I might even find an awesome way to organize all my favorite cards and stationery on my desk.  I love the way cards look, especially handmade ones, and I hate that they are tucked away in a basket.  Thoughts?
Till next time…
…Wishing you a lifetime of paper rainbows…W

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