paper, paints, pyrex

Organizing is a tricky thing. Especially for a gal like me with all sorts of intentions of creating.  I want to save everything.  I find myself promising to create great works of art with scraps of paper, old newspapers, ribbon, thread, wooden forks from sprinkles, etc, etc, etc. I have decided that I am having a scrap online garage sale on etsy soon.  I will also have mother’s day cards and such.

What am I to do with this stack of cardstock of varying sizes?  The answer is plenty of stuff…but I won’t. I will never get around to it.  I have to filter my creative mojo and the best way to do this is to purge…so this stack of about 100 pieces of varying sizes of cardstock…well it must go.

Instead I shall focus on the doodlings of life.  I love doodling.  I love doodling with paint, markers, on the edges of paper, on the flaps of envelopes. Simple pictures that covey huge messages of love, friendship, thanks, etc.  I want to paint complex pictures that convey simple messages of peace, serenity, friendship, love, etc.

I want to share my doodles…in the mail, on the web, with my pooch, with my friends, on a shirt, on the wall, etc.

I also want to cook, but today this is a sad thing. I would like us all to observe a moment of silence for a fallen soldier.

This was my absolute favorite Pyrex solid baking dish.  Not to big, not too small. Perfect!  Unfortunately, I left it on the stove, well when I was heating up a skillet a bit later on, I turned on the wrong burner and boom explosion of Pyrex.  I guess I will have to make my way back to Bonnie and Clyde trade days to find some more solids.  I still want an entire set of the bowls and baking dishes. Solid color ones.   Next to my blue metal mixing bowl, these are the best!  Confession:  I still have all these pieces trying to think of a cool piece of art to make with them…I just need to toss it…I know.  [hangs head in sorrow]

I am off to bed.  Enjoy your weekend, peace, love, and chicken grease…

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the artichoke.


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