color on your thursday

Today is work. Yippee. This afternoon, hopefully will be sun shining enough for a bike ride with my favorite little pooch and then some more organization of the art supplies for move numero 3 in the past 6 months.  All of this is really exciting…it puts a lot on my plate, but all worth it in the end.  May I just say that I love that easter is the time of baskets.  This means I am getting baskets at a cost of next to nothing and painting them coordinating colors and using them for organizational purposes.  I have also been scouring craigslist for a wood dresser that I can refinish and use.  This has proven to be more difficult as most that I run across are not wood, which means I can’t refinish them properly.  Patience.  Patience. Patience.  Till then my clothes will be organized in baskets in the closet. 

Happy thursday…W the artichoke

PS…I do have some things worth talking about coming up in a bit….this evening hopefully…


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