i promise…

okay so I promise I am working on getting back on track.  The new header is just about done.  I was even thinking of getting rid of the red and gray(gasp).  Till I was reminded of my entire reasoning of the red and gray, then thinking how much I would have to change…yadda yadda…needless to say it is coming together.

I have been staring at my April month of my awesome letterpress calendar, and find myself doodling all over the place.  Whoopee it feels great!

Needless to say, day by day I am getting my groove back.  So how bout some updates:

I am down another 5 pounds.

I rode my bike for 15 miles today.

I had a coke relapse, but getting back on track today.

I layed out in a bikini and felt a bit more comfortable than last summer, that is until I was sunburned.

I went to Lake Martin and walked amongst the cypress trees.

I tried to Cajun dance at Mulates, much to my embarrassment, I tried.

I am getting inspired again, whoopee! Creative Mojo is a coming back!

Such an amazing quote….loves it!

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the Artichoke


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