I once upon a time posted about my top hottest quarterbacks. On this list was a man by the name of Ben Rothlisberger. Ben is a tall, scruffy man who is facing a bit of legal drama right now. According to a 20-year-old woman he assaulted her in a night club in Georgia. Now the head of the NFL, Mr. Goodell is planning to meet with him. Due to the current charges(actually lack there of as of now), better yet accusations, which one must assume he is innocent of until proven guilty, the media has posted some not so flattering pictures of my Number 2 quarter back (Second to Mr. Favre of course). This spurred me to image search Big Ben. In honor of my favorite number, 7, and Ben’s number, 7, I have decided to post 7 pictures.


Ben I like this picture. It shows your boy next door charm. Yes picture.


Ben, so lovable with your laugh. Did someone cut the cheese? (okay sorry hanging my head in shame for such a silly childish non-funny joke)-Most definitely a yes.


Those arms! Have I told you lately that I love you? Yes picture indeed!


Such swagger in pinstripe, and look at your bling. Show-off. But still a yes picture.


This shows confidence with a bit of that smile I love. Overall a yes picture.


You are pushing it a bit here Ben, but just cause I love you, I will give you a yes for this picture.


Who told you to do this? Ben fire them. This is not right…In fact this is all wrong. This is a no. You don’t even look comfortable…why oh why!?

Guys, if Benny Boy has taught us anything it is friends don’t let friends take pictures like this. It is pictures like this that only put you in a number two slot on my hot quarterback list.

Excuse me while I go forget this picture exists.

…lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the artichoke


One response to “7

  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! that last picture looks like he’s trying to be sexy but is failing miserably…oh my…

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