fabric ideas

So I am still trying to get my creative mojo working again.  I have many things in the works.  I have save the date and wedding invites for my dear friend, I have a pile of fabric calling my name, I have a new found fascination with paper, and Holley’s Cakery is taking shape inside Brickhouse Deli in Shreveport! Check out the front of her business card:

I really am looking forward to getting up there and helping her set up shop.  Decorate and find great ways to display her cakes and such. 

Jenni’s wedding is coming up and where I have almost a year, I really want to get the general design down for the save the date and invites and such.  A slightly olive green, brown, and ivory are her colors with a splash of color here and there.  I am thinking shabby chic.  I have discussed the wedding minimally over at Buttercream IcingI just really need to get to sketching…like I said there, sounds like a delightful challenge.

Then there is the fabric.  The fabric looks at me daily begging me to start creating with it.  One shall become the applique for a shirt.  Rose over at Timeflies gave me the great idea of journals and then I remembered this little post about journals…I am sure I could translate this with fabric.

Picture via The Creative Place

Then how awesome is this fabric postcard…oh now my mind is really going.

Photo and project via The Creative Place

I have also run across this pennant style fabric garland and find myself in fabric love as well.

Oh the possibilities are endless.  All these projects are such a great distraction to what can be a mess in our lives. All the projects are indeed paper rainbows….

wishing you a lifetime of paper rainbows…W the artichoke


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