paint on fabric = difficult

So as I sat there staring at my pile of fabric I was very ancy to get something of substance done with it.  I have planned out many of awesome things, but none of which I could create then and there.  They would all take time.  Time I got, patience, I do not.  I was reminded of the simplest things I love which is framed fabric.  I have had a frame I got at target many moons ago for 5 dollars sitting with no real purpose. It was an odd size and everything I wanted to put in it, just didn’t work.  Cest La’ Vie.  Turns out it was the perfect size for a swatch of fabric.  I placed all the fabrics in there till I found one I liked. I settled on a linen shear with black thread.  PERFECTO! Except it needed a bit of spice.  I decided to paint one of the flowers on it red.  Good idea and bad.  Finding the perfect balance of water and paint was quite difficult.  Thank goodness I was smart enough to start on the edge so I could assess the bleeding the color would do.  This being the final result:

Simple, but I am kinda in love with it.  It is now hanging proudly on my wall so I can see it just as I walk in the door.  It will inspire me until I can get the rest of the projects moving.  Whoopee. 

Also while unpacking the last box in the apartment, I found some of my long lost hand painted stationary.  Whoopee, I can’t wait to send out some mail.

Update: Day 6 No Coke!

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the still coke-free artichoke


2 responses to “paint on fabric = difficult

  1. Whitney- clever you…. now take that fabric and cover those old fashioned marble composition books to make lovely journals for friends…..

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