the big switch

Well, its official, yesterday I started the switch from regular coke to diet coke.  It’s a love affair that has been going on since my high school days.  I would say a healthy love affair, but let’s get real. Coke gives me an extra 15 pounds in my mid section, eats away at my bones(I exaggerate), and keeps me up till late hours.  So this months goal is to leave coke high and dry and switch to diet coke.  At the advice of experts, I am this week doing half coke half diet.  Then next week, reducing the coke a bit more, till there is no coke at all!  How awesome that will be.  Then there is next months goal, learn to run. Like run more than a block without dropping to the ground and panting…I have been quite sometime inspired by Running While Chunky. I don’t have a specific goal in mind, but I mustn’t think to far ahead.  Must only focus on my hastey break up with coke.  All of this will be for the better though…and then when summer rolls around I can look forward too…

{image via Antrhopologie}

{image via Gap}

Where I love the first swimsuit with all my heart and soul…it is just a bit out of my price range.  So The second one it shall be.  I shall make it to this swimsuit one week at a time…one goal at a time…one less coke at a time.  Till then…

…lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the ready for summer artichoke

UPDATE: I realized after I hate diet coke….in fact…I have no desire to drink it.  So no cokes or carbonated beverages at all.  The End.


3 responses to “the big switch

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  2. By the way, I would like to be able to get into those swimsuits too. They are cute.

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