gray is my favorite color

I have been out of the loop on my site for a bit.  I have just found that it doesn’t take priority sometimes over things like, sleep, eating, watching random movies, playing with friends, and working(thus being the main time sucker these days). However, that doesn’t mean I don’t run across things that I love on a daily basis.  Things that really spark my love of all things gray. 

Gray is indeed my favorite color. When I went to Fresh Market and saw an entire jar of gray m&m’s well I almost could not contain myself.  I need a large jar just to put on my mantle. 

Then there was the blog catching up I did.  When I saw it, my new set of drawers.  Or at least the ones I wanted and will recreate!


{picture via knack}

Knack is one of my absolute favorite sites to peruse.  Every piece that she works with amazes me and makes me laugh and giggle with excitement!

I also came across this awesome letter set!  I love mail and these just look perfectly gray and sophisticated!

idea 1

{photo via A Little Hut}

Patricia creates all things that are awesomely paper.  I especially loved seeing this post as she talks about her process in creations.  My process consists of do it…hate it…do it again…hate it less…do it again…like it….do it again…love it.  Hey it works for me.

So where as this is just short and simple… I absolutely had to share how much I love that gray is taking over the creative world.  Gray is the new black…quote me.  It is classic.  It is a Chanel suite.  Gray is a Clooney. 

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the gray artichoke


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