The start of iPhone posts

Well i have had quite the busy weeks. Between getting settled in what is a not so new town, a new job, a new house, and more importantly a new mindset…I have not been at a computer in days. So being that this site is a piece of my sanity I have decided to start “iPhone posts.” Don’t get to excited, like many of my projects the two week adventure may not pan out. {wink}

My premise: once or maybe more share, as they happen, people, places, images, stories that become my day, my muse, my life.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I have found trying to slowly unpack that none of my stuff matches transforming my love of red and gray modern(aka whits style) to plain ole eclectic. I plan on embracing and running with it. However, I need a few things:

Perfect vanity mirror like the one I saw at tj max many moons ago.
Small shelf for books and such
Low cubbie or trunk for storage at door.
Shoe rack.
Full length mirror.
Roman shades must be perfect color.

Till I can make it work I will: work, sleep, and finish my book.

House picture below:


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