what is a dream?

I was asked this question the other day and it took words out of my mouth.  I had nothing.  No witty answer, no real answer, I had no idea.  So I have been letting the question brew inside my mind for days.  Resisting urge to see what Webster has to say about this.  Just thinking, what is a dream?  It wasn’t this question that really blew me away.  It was more that when I looked at her and said(with my best definition), “it’s a story in your head that you imagine…I guess.  Do you ever have stories that you imagine?” She looked back and said, “Well how does that man run down it?”  You see we were listening to Tom Petty, “Running Down a Dream.”  I had to laugh again.  Again, I was taken back.  I mean how does one exactly run down a dream?  Maybe we are not running down it, maybe it’s the hand of God pushing us towards greatness.  Maybe running down a dream is when we let go of the ones that seem lower on the priority list.  Maybe we can’t run down it at all.  All I know, is that kids ask the darndest questions.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the dreaming artichoke


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