sometimes you just got to…


{image via Jamie Heyl photography}

I think I have on more than one occasion told you all about how crazy life has been. I rarely get time to sit down at a crazy computer.  Yesterday I found myself doing something crazy, as Bob Dylan “Stuck in the Middle” came on…I danced all through the shop.  I even made the dancing face similar to the one above. What is it about dancing that people think they need to make wierd disgusting faces?!

I have one great thing to dance about lately: BATISTA is OFFICIALLY ENGAGED.  That means I now really must step it up with Buttercream Icing.  Oh the pressure.  Hopefully I will get some help in that I will hand over the password and she can help update too!  Right Batista? I am sending you a link today. The end.

Okay, tonight, I may just actually create something as I got a few projects in the works that need to get done.  I also got a shop that is a mess.  I also got some achy feet that need some TLC and for that matter hair that is begging for some love to. Happy Hump Day peeps.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the dancing Artichoke


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