Now I am not one that really has any business writing a book review.  I can barely write myself and I am far too A-D-D to sit down and read a book cover to cover(even when I want to) in only one or two sittings.  I found myself wandering around the used book stores once upon a time, maybe even this time last year when I came across “Eat, Pray, Love.”  I picked up the book and brought it to the register in hopes that I would love it as much as Oprah did.  Plus I liked that love was spelled in petals, how sweet.  So judging a book purely by it’s cover I took it home.  I started reading without knowing anything about it.  I must admit, I couldn’t really get into it as a narrative, but found myself completely entrenched in Ms. Gilberts insight and ability to take the one million thoughts that circle my brain at any given moment and put them on paper.  There were times, as I have said before in earlier posts (here & here), that I put the book down and stared at it wonder how in the world the thoughts from my head were able to jump to paper.  I had favorite lines like when Ms. Gilbert spoke of two horses:

I had favorite moments.  What I loved the most was the idea that romance was not something that happened between two people, but rather something that happened within ourselves.  Something that happened between our soul, our heart, and our rational/head.  I don’t believe Ms. Gilbert used this analogy and I could have been way off, but none the less from Eat, Pray, Love…that is what I got.  So you can imagine my excitement when I was cooking grEATness in the kitchen and Oprah had Ms. Gilbert on to speak of her new book, Committed, and how she had made peace with marriage.  I thought, well, I am not exactly at war with the idea of marriage, but I love her words and it will be a must read for me.  So I have started.

'Committed' by Elizabeth Gilbert

 I started yesterday and I read it in my down time.  I am sure this frustrates my friends as they get huge emails and texts of me reciting excerpts that just hit a nerve with me.  Like before, Ms. Gilbert is not letting me down.  She speaks to me.  Her insight and ability to admit her “confusion” and, for lack of a better phrase, “mis-understood insight,” all while sharing the stories of the characters in her life she encounters allows me for brief moments to be at ease with where I am in my life.  Pages 1-49 have now encompassed my thoughts leaving room for nothing else tonight, maybe this weekend, until I am able to pick it up again in down time and let the rest of the pages speak to me.  I am positive this will not be the last you hear of my “mind adventures” with this book, but for now I will let you leave. I will, however, leave you with my favorite excerpt so far:

The problem is we can not choose everything simultaneously. So we live in danger of becoming paralyzed by indecision, terrified that every choice might be the wrong choice. Equally disquieting are the times when we do make a choice, only later to feel as though we murdered some other aspect of our being by settling on one single concrete decision. By choosing door number three, we fear we have killed off a different–but equally critical–piece of our soul that could only have been made manifest by walking through door number one or door number two. (Pages 45-46)

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the … artichoke



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