color me…

On Sunday I did something I have never done before.  Most of you may be thinking it was something bold and exciting like bungee jumping, or maybe finishing a project like the book illustrations. No, no, no…I did none of these things.  I painted my nails black for the Saints Superbowl.  You see I am not a gal that paints my nails or is constantly worrying about bad hair days. Don’t get me wrong, I like to get pretty with the rest of them, but I don’t set my alarm in order to have the perfect hair day or apply my make up.  I just wing it on most days.  Most days, I feel cute and comfie.  That my friends is okay with me.  When I painted my nails on this particular sunday, there was something I really liked about having my nails done.  I thought, maybe I could find the perfect color and paint my nails more often?  Maybe?  So I sat on the floor at target and tested out every color…shhh, don’t tell(is that illegal?) I went home sad.  I couldn’t really get it together. Nothing seemed to be perfecto! Maybe it was my sour mood. Maybe I just needed to go back another day.  So I wandered.  I wandered because I like to see what is new and hip in the world of semi-discount chain stores.  I always seem to stop in front of one display though…

The colors are fun and the fact that every color is right there in front of me and edible, well that is just uplifting to the spirits.  So I went to the polish aisle again and narrowed it down.  I had the Essie “well red” on one finger and on the other Sally Hansen’s “commander in chic.”  In the end, I am a gray girl. Before you get to thinking, how can a colorful display lead you to gray?!  Remember, Gray is a mix of every color in the rainbow, so my nails are really quite colorful right now. 

Note: This is a hand double.  I was not liking how my hands were looking in photos, they are going on a diet asap.  None the less, my fingers are now “commander in chic.”  You best be respecting there power.  Now I need a new toe color.  Something bold. Something that is not to winter and not to summer. Something that translates to all outfits.  Maybe I need to go stand in front of the jelly bean display again.

lifetimes of paper rainbow…W the colorful artichoke


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