memories are permanent

I had several different ideas for permanent. I doodled, for some reason I had a much harder time with this prompt than others.  I painted and nothing really stuck. Nothing was permanent.  I thought about how nothing is permanent.  Then I thought…well that is b.s.  My memories stick with me forever.  I remember things forever.  They compose who I am. I thought about how in relationships you can’t change the things that define who two people are together.  The memories, the events, the words spoken they stick between the two of you forever.  This reminded me of my relationship with my mother.  How it is the only permanent relationship in my life.  How all the memories, some perfectly imperfect, are there, engraved in stone forever.  Our relationship changes, but the memories of the days before remain.  Time fades away, but the memories of the time before remain.  The paper rainbows in our life are everywhere, each time they show up in a different way, but each day they are there, paper rainbows are permanent.

for the full story on paper rainbows go here.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the permanent? artichoke


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