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Okay so I have been meaning to do this for a while, andI have been sidetracked by my own nonsense.  I can be quite self-absorbed…I know shocking! Anywho, I have come to meet some great people through the years…and wouldn’t you know they each have there very awesome talents!  From graphics to cookies to organic lifestyles to philanthropy.  They are greatness embodied.  I am here to share with you there story, their site. 

Dr. Snarky.  Let’s start by giving Dr. Snarky a very happy birthday wish.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Dr. Snarky, shares his snarkalicious thoughts on the rocks here.  Need 1 part sarcasm, 1 part politics, 1 part liberal views, 2 parts human look no further…

How do you organize your life?  Do you do like me and make piles, piles that have no great order, except that they are piles?  How do you prioritize?  What do you do when Time flies by in a blur?  I have no quite figured out the great organizational system for my life, but I love perusing over where Rosemary Costello, a personal assistant in Pennsylvania, shares her favorite articles, creative websites, and thoughts on all things that I need to absorb.

I love cookies! Who doesn’t?!  Well, I recently met a lovely lady, Sharon, who is awesome at cookie bouquets and such.  Recently she put together her website and I was so excited to check out what she has.  Needless to say, I will be sharing cookies with my favorite people now.  Go check her out at

We all know someone who has been affected by cancer of some sort.  One girl who I have mentioned before, Leanne, is fighting for a cure 3 days at a time.  She is a lady on a mission!  I love it.  Get ready to be inspired.  Check out her story at  Right now she is doing the facebook challenge.  Read all about it.  I wish I was in a place to donate right now, hopefully my awesome readers can help her out with a donation of just 8 dollars in honor of the 1 in 8 women that experience a breast cancer diagnosis.

Okay so I have a friend, Paris. The girl has decided to live as organically as possible.  I think this is amazing.  She posts her favorite organic items and such.  She is also working on an organic clothing line!  How awesome!  (that was a lot of exclamation points) Go check out Paris at:

Graphics…My dear friend Ryan Colgin in NOLA is an amazing artist and yet, he has not updated his blog in forever, lets all go give him heck.  Go check him out at  Then there is Lindsay…love her.  Another brilliant graphic designer. She’s in the Houston area and one of my favorite gals to have a glass of wine with, if only I were a bit closer. Check her out at

Growing up my best bud was a gal named Lauren.  We went on mission trips together, painted toenails, and gave each other fake tattoos.  We even dressed as Siamese twins once.  Our life has taken us in different directions, but I love following her missions and great faith at  Her words lift me up and pull at the right heart strings each time.  I love it. 

Well for today I think that will do.  I have so many other friends with amazing gifts and have no fear, I will share them as well.  Hope this Thursday is treating everyone well…till a bit later when I hope to have a great new design to share(fingers crossed).

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the friendly artichoke





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