in that number

Okay this may or may not be the last Saints post, but I feel inclined to say something about this nonsense about who owns the phrase, “Who Dat?!”

I am not going to sit here and claim to be from New Orleans, trust me those New Orleanians would crush me. No ladies and gents I am from just north of the lake. North enough not to say, “I’m gonna go make groceries.” or “Where y’at?” I was born in Shreveport at the top of the state and raised just north of New Orleans in Slidell, Louisiana. What Slidell did, however, was allow me to make the 20 minute trek to experience Mardi Gras and Masperos and a bloody mary and the streetcar and Camellia Grill. It allowed me to appreciate movies like A Love Song for Bobby Long, which exaggerates the town so much, but describes it in a beautiful way. It allowed me to fall in love with a place. It taught me that sometimes it is not just geography. Sometimes it is a place that lies in a “siren of a city. A city that some escape from” and I find myself running back to over and over again. It allowed me to “Be a New Orleanian wherever I was.”

In 1983 Steve Monistere put together a little chant with a phrase that was commonly used with in the city. That phrase was “who dat.” Members of the Saints offensive line and Aaron Neville recorded “Oh when the saints go marching in” and combined the chant. It was phrase that came to transcend football. It came to transcend the Saints. It became a term that people said when they looked at pictures, “Who dat is with you?” It became something that no one saw coming, the center of a legal battle, small business owners, residents, musicians VS the NFL.

In a nutshell, Lauren of Fleurty Girl apparel was issued a cease and desist against the use of the term “Who Dat” on her shirts. The NFL is claiming trademark rights to the phrase as part of the Saints team… Side note: until the Saints entered the Superbowl, no one on a national level cared that the phrase was plasted all over for profit items…interesting. Lauren has found herself to be the center of attention and people are responding throwing there support behind her and others. You see, “Who Dat” is not a Saints thing…it is a New Orleans thing.

Links speaking of the battle:

David Vitter Responds

This my thing…I learned a long time ago that you don’t have to live in New Orleans to appreciate the lack of annunciation, the food, the music, the atmosphere. It is a state of mind. So I invite each and every one of you to “Be a New Orleans wherever you are.” That includes you, Dan Masonson(of the NFL).

{my dirty coast sticker, proudly displayed on the side of my car}

Lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the Who Dat Artichoke


3 responses to “in that number

  1. The whole thing is just so ridiculous! However, I know Lauren at Fleurty Girl isnt going to be complaining! She was on the cover of the Times Piccayune and has made national news coverage! Pretty cool! She’s now a celebrity! Love that David Vitter got involved. I kind of want to buy one of his “Who dat say we can’t pring Who Dat!” shirts lol…

  2. Interesting update to this story: The NFL is now backing off their claim to “Who dat,” saying that the phrase is only problematic when used in conjunction with the Saints’ fleur-de-lis logo. IMHO, that’s still bullshit. If the NFL wants to claim ownership of the fleur-de-lis, I think Roger Goodell is gonna have to talk to France about that one…the Capetian dynasty probably still owns the rights to it in their heraldry. 🙂 But at least their edging away from it.

    I’m not sure that anyone is siding with the NFL on this one. I’ve read several pieces by fans of other teams siding with the Saints fans on this one. As one person put it, will the NFL be trying to claim “Skol!” from the Vikings and the “woof-woof” thing from the Browns fans?

    There’s ridiculous, and then there’s ridiculous.

  3. Also, in a separate, more ironic note, I think this is the first thing that David Vitter has ever done which I approve of, and it has nothing to do with governance.

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