oh, ellen…

Okay so lookie here you have your daily blog!  “Oh-My-Awesomeness!”  Lately, however, the blogs have not been very design oriented, but hey, who’s really caring?!  Not I said the fly.  Let’s talk about my favorite Hollywood star…Mrs. Ellen DeGeneres.  Really, I mean she is always smiling, always dancing, and always on top of her game. She is funny and pokes fun, without being rude.  These are all qualities hard to come by in this time and age.  My admiration of Ellen has inspired me to share some other people and products that I admire/inspire me:

Kal Barteski  this lady, I mean really.  What can’t she do.  She’s an amazing artist for sure.  Seems like such and amazing mom, wife, and all around business woman.  I am inspired by her and wonder daily, “How the heck does she get it all done?”  Right now she has done her “add-love” series.  One of the designs graces my iPhone screen.  Check out the series. One of her cases will sell on uncommon to benefit Haiti.  Like I said she is “oh-my-awesomeness!”

Sally Campbell quilts.  They are so chic while still looking warm and right at home.  I have the undying urge to try to sew my own quilt.  I specifically love the terracotta and olive one and the red and green and the pink and olive.  I just can’t chose!

Forts, indoor forts. like this one

Tidbits.  If you haven’t heard of Tidbits you need to.  In Austin, New Orleans, Houston, and Dallas you can subscribe to neworleans.gotidbits.com  and it will tell you great events going on in your city.  It is here that I learned of Dejarnette New Orleans. If you don’t remember how much I loved DeJarnette, go recap.  She is an amazing designer who is just a girl who had a dream.  Love it!  Love her!  Love tidbits!

That’s enough of my favorite things for the day.  Have a happy hump day.  Till the next time, peace, love, and chicken grease.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the artichoke



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