the gray dog behind the madness

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Maggie May(named after the rod stewart song).  She is my pooch of nine years.  She is a sweetheart and gets into everything.  She knows when she has been bad, and I am truly convinced that she does it purely because she can, as if to say, “Hey lady, you may be bigger, but look what I just did, I pooped in your clean laundry.”  Truth be told it’s been years since she pooped in the clean laundry, but that was still the most pissed I’ve been at her. I mean what dog pushes the shirt over poops and then covers it back up…I’ll tell you what dog, my gray weenie dog. 

On Sunday it was gorgeous here in Lafayette, Louisiana, so I decided to take my pooch to the dog park.  Now I did not take her to play with the other dogs, but more just to be in the sunshine.  You see Mags is not sociable with other dogs, unless they are of her kind, weenie dogs.  She’s a snob.  I know.  I have raised a snob.  She did wander a bit. She followed me around and got to be off her leash.  It was a grand ole’ day.  I snapped many a pictures of my dog-ter, and I feel it is necessary to share with you the gray dog of Red Couch Gray Dog…

I love how she looks like she is intently tracking something down in the shadow, and only I know that she was really turning her nose up at the dog running toward her from the other side.  Oh that Mags…

Anywho…just a quick little post before I hit the sack, its been a long, long day.  I got an even longer day in store tomorrow, so if I don’t post…have no fear, I will be back Thursday.  Hey, if I do talk to you tomorrow, well, aren’t you just the luckiest little reader ever!

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the mom of gray dog-ter artichoke



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