oh when the Saints…

{fleurty girl-Supabeauxl Shirt}

Well, hell hath frozen over…for the first time in franchise history the New Orleans Saints are going to the big game!

Let me just say this.  My brother since I can remember has been a fan of Brett Favre.  I am not a fan of how Brett is in and out, but I am a fan of the athlete, the “old man” quarterback.  Any other quarterback would have been out of that game, but not Farve.  He is a brilliant athlete.  With that said…I laughed over and over out loud watching him take hit after hit, his lineman stepped up a bit in the second half, but there was one image which I am still searching for the still shot of that both broke my heart and made me giggle.  First half, Favre is hit, and he is just laying on the ground on his back with his hands on his head…oh how I “LOL’d” and felt deep sympathy for him…if you find this still shot…shoot it my way.

At the end of the day though…can I get and all together “Who DAT!?”  I would love to go on and on about what this means to the city of New Orleans, but you already know.  Surely you already know…I hope you already know.  This isn’t a team going to the super bowl, this is a city.  A city that has often only been known for its Mardi Gras, Hurricanes, Bourbon Street, and Looters, now on a national level, it is with great pride I can say, I am from Louisiana, just north of the great city of New Orleans.  We are not all looters.  We are not all whiners that move to Houston and create crime.  We are a city so rich in culture, I can only spend but days there at a time before the part of my brain that is inspired to create goes into overload. We are a city where the food is rich and often full of saturated fat.  We are the only city where it is acceptable to eat and drink too much and dance all at the same time.  We are a city where the best musicians are not signed and not up on stages at award shows, they are on the corner in mid-town, up-town, and downtown.  We are New Orleans.  We are the Saints. 

Now enough of that, lets get to the important stuff in the NFL…my ranking of most handsome/hot quarterbacks.  Here they are (on there Sports Illustrated covers) starting with my nuber 5 all the way to my number one…

Peyton, Peyton, Peyton.  I have a love hate relationship with you.  Yes, you played in the SEC, but not for LSU.  Yes you played the guitar at Country Fest with Tim McGraw in 1999 and I loved you in your little khakis.  Yes you are precious, but today the best thing I can say is that you make my top 5 list of cute/hot quarterbacks, more because you are the cuter of the 3 fellas that were I was chosing between to fill this spot.  For the next 2 weeks, you are my cities public enemy number one.  Should I see you out, I will simply say, you are my number 5 while giving you stank eye and punking you out with my tough look!

Dear Tom, You are hot. I will give you that.  You are very “GQ” for a quarter back.  I like your ex in Sex in the City aka “The idiot stick figure with no soul,” and I am envious of your current boo’s body.  Unfortunately, you are number 4 not number one.  Maybe your son should he grow up to be a pro sports player will make it to number one…till then you got 3 boys ahead of you in my hotness ranking.  Sincerely, W

 Drew, I feel bad I really do.  I love what you do for my team. If it is any consolation I included 2 pictures, because I love your lil’ crooked smile.  I also used to have you at number 2 before I was introduced to my current number 2.  None the less, keep doing what you are doing.  We, the state of Louisiana, love you for it.  Plus we love looking at you in your cool hats, even the cute little cap you had on last night! Thanks, your neighbor, W.

Ben, Ben, Ben!  I love that your number is 7.  Mine was too in football. I am sorry it took me this long to get to know you.  You are cute. I like  you better without a Sports Illustrated watermark tattoo’d across your face, but hey, your hot.  I am glad we met this year.  If your in the South Louisiana area come see me.  Also I will try to learn to spell and pronounce your last name before you come.  -W

Favre- I do love a man with scruff and some grayness.  I even love them with that single tear. Even though this tear makes me giggle now because hey, I saw you play last night silly.  Sometimes, when I look at you I still hear you say, “Mary, you’re the only woman for me.”  Favre you’re not a very good movie man, but hey.  I still think you are the hottest quarter back in the NFL.  Now retire, so Ben can be my number one and my boy, Drew can move back up to number 2.  Take care. Get some ice packs for what I am sure is a lot of bruising from the hits you took last night, and well take care of yourself.  We are practically neighbors…come 45 minutes west, I’ll make dinner.  Thanks, W

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the Artichoke


2 responses to “oh when the Saints…

  1. you’re a funny funny girl!!! i hope you get your dinner with Brett…he’s cute…but got his ass beat…LOVED IT!!! anywho…i heart you!!

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