grEATness with the other white meat

I have done it, I have marinated the perfect piece of pork.  1 part worsteshire, 2 parts apple juice, tony’s to taste! perfection.  Then just seer in the flavor and bake at 400 in a shallow dish with marinade for 10-15 minutes!  “oh-my-awesomeness!”  It was perfectly tender and juicy and delicious.  Corn? wanna chime in here in the comments? I mean I feel like people are not going to believe me!

{the other white meat}

My meat was sooo good (that’s what she said) that I barely noticed I over baked my sweet potato fries. 

{pre burning}

just shake in tony’s and extra virgin olive oil.  Just a light coating and bake till done….works best at high temps and constantly flipping them.  I know pain, why do you think I burned…i forgot to flip. 

Anywho…I must edit dog park pictures from the weekend. My lil’ gray dog had a blast…not playing with other dogs, but enjoying the sunshine.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the grEAT artichoke


One response to “grEATness with the other white meat

  1. I have a compulsive urge to announce that Whitney makes delicious pork….this post has nothing to do with the fact that she’s sitting behind me whining because I won’t post about her pork. No, this post is because I genuinely want to post about her pork. Pork, pork, pork, yum, yum, yum, Whitney, Whitney, Whitney. Now …I have a compulsive urge to say that her chicken parm was yummy. Oddly, my conscious sounds just like Whitney who is ironically sittting behind me jibba jabbin’ about pork, chicken parm, and sex in the city. I will now be in the garage stringing up a nouse if anybody needs me 🙂

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