there is a house in New Orleans…

…they call the superdome.

{picture via Jstutes}

Let me be honest. I have never been a fan of pro sports.  I have always found college football games to be much more exciting, until now.  I have always supported my Saints, but I wouldn’t call myself a true blue(or black and gold) Saints fan.  I just didn’t follow.  Not like the guys who wore bags on their heads in the 90’s or when we signed Bush and it was  a Bush everyone in Louisiana could agree on.  I just never followed, but in my heart I loved what the Superdome was to NOLA.  I remember after Katrina when the banner was up announcing the Saints return to the dome.  There was this huge sense of pride for the city.  I remember friends talking about going in together for season tickets.  It was a time that I saw people come together, not as neighbors but as Saints’ fans.  New fans, old fans, tall fans, short fans, hardcore fans, soft spoken fans everyone came together, because what NOLA needed were some Saints, and together they rose as a Who Dat nation.  I guess in that it doesn’t matter how long you have been a fan…as long as you are.  Tonight we can all come together and say…”Who Dat?!  Who Dat?!  Who Dat say they gonna be d’em Saints?!”

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the Who Dat Artichoke


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