Daily Humbles

I am a girl of many complaints.  Yesterday and the days before it was complaints of the shooting pains in my calves from standing around.  I think the day before that and pretty much continuous it was money.  Before that it was I am sure a headache.  Before that it was probably a silly fight with a friend.  Or maybe it was my complaint of politics.  I am not a pesimistic person. I am not an overly bubbly person…I am just a girl.  A girl who finds herself humbled daily.  This week there has been constant coverage of Haiti, how can you not watch it and just be thankful for solid ground below your feet.  I have never stopped to really be appreciative of my solid ground.  I have another friend who is waiting for the results of her 3 year old’s cystic fibrosis test.  I have never stopped to be appreciative of my breathe, the air in my lungs.  I just breathe.  I never think about it.  I can’t imagine having trouble doing it.  Today I perused over to one of my favorite blogs(especially during bachelor season), I Hate Green Beans.  It was then that I first laughed and then once again was thrown back a bit, humbled, and embarrassed at my piss poor attitude today.  Lincee showed a little video of Walker Rainey, and 11 month old with a dislike of green beans.  She laughed and then she led me to the family’s website

Walker was diagnosed in September with a Malignant Rhabdoid Tumor.  His mother and father pray and trust in God’s master plan.  I was humbled.  I find myself struggling to trust God with little things and then here is a family who prays, who has faith.  They do not choose to wallow in pity, but instead rejoice in the thought that there is a plan.  They choose hope.  There choice is inspiring.  There story is heart warming.  There Faith is “oh-my-awesomenss” and a paper rainbow for the day, week, month, year, lifetime.  Go check out the story and prepare to shed a tear and be humbled. 

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the humbled Artichoke


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