a view from my window

So believe it or not I do have a day job. I know hard to believe, but I do.  I actually have two.  I will give you a minute to pick your jaws’ up off the floor. 

I work for a small interior shop in a small south Louisiana town, called M Jordan Galerie.  The shop is located in the historic main street across from a catholic church, next to what was a popular and well-known restaurant called Black’s, and all and all provides great scenery each day at work.  I keep thinking I am going to get around town and snap some photos…I haven’t.  I haven’t even left my stoop.  I need to! Maybe next week I will go a bit early and eat my lunch in the courtyard…who knows.  Today, however, while snapping some photos of thinks in the shop I stopped to take a picture of things I see from my stoop. 

{I make sure to look up everyday…it reminds me I got a bigger power than just me on my side}

{I don’t know what is going on here, but I swear the church doesn’t look like it leans like this in person…St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church}

{nothing like large cans of cane syrup to get you going in the morning…Steen’s Syrup}

So that’s it. That’s the view from my window/stoop.  Also I am working on starting up a bit of a blog, more about interiors and the offerings of the shop at mjordangalerie.wordpress.com go check it out, enjoy.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the working artichoke


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