gr-EAT chicken parm!

Well, let me first start by saying I tried to convince C0rn to write a review of my chicken parm.  He responded with, “W, you can’t put me on the spot like that.  You will expect this witty review and I will disappoint.  It was GREAT! That’s my review.”  I mean really, what a pansy [wink wink].  Hopefully he will change his mind tonight and write a review of my sautéed fish and lemon rice pilaf.  For now, without further ado meet my chicken parmesan:

{This was really my masterpiece, my masterpiece in a green Pyrex dish}

I started by filleting my chicken breasts (is that possible) and seasoning them with rosemary and thyme.  Put it all in a dish with egg and milk with a bit of pepper,  rolled it around in grated parmesan and a bit of bread crumbs. Baked it all upon a cookie sheet and flipped after about 5 minutes. Just enough to get a lil bit of crispness.  Then I lined the bottom of my dish and covered it all with a sun-dried tomato and basil sauce and low fat mozzarella cheese.  Baked for 45 minutes…and viola!  I served with whole wheat pasta and slow simmered sun-dried tomato, basil, and spaghetti sauce.  Corn says it was GREAT, but you know since he won’t put it in writing I am skeptical. 

Tonight I am cooking some fish and brown rice lemon pilaf.  I have already finished up the rice pilaf and it is pretty tastee.  I am a fan of lemon though, sooo I am a bit biased.  Till tomorrow with the results of my grEATness in the kitchen, I am going to work on a bit of freelance and updating the shop!

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the cooking artichoke

Lagniappe…I started a facebook fan page, so yeah, if you are on there, go check it out become a fan.  Show me some love!


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