look at my king all dressed in red…

{my wonderful decor at the shop}

Well, it’s that time of year in the south. Time for all the tackiness of Christmas to come down and all the tackiness of carnival to go up.  The time when New Orleans is the hottest tourist spot in the world.  The sound of coins hitting the ground, high school marching bands, and screaming children of all ages take over the streets.  In the design world this is a marvelous time of year.  Floats must be made and these floats are things of magical artistry.  I have never had the privilege of creating or designing a float.  Two friends, however, have dived into this process with both feet and guns(glue guns that is) a blazing.

Meet “The Design Krewe” 

Marla and Robert with their krewe are recreating the sounds of New Orleans for the Krewe of Janus in Monroe, Louisiana. 

There progress has been so exciting to watch.  I only wish I could find a weekend to go and help build and create.  Till then I will continue to follow the progress via the world-wide web.  It adds a whole new dimension to carnival season.  I get to see the creation of carnival.  There is only one thing I can say to that, “IKO!”

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the carnival Artichoke


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