and so…

I paint.  Yesterday I got out in the garage and I did it. Yes it was cold as I have previously stated, yes I didn’t get a lot done, but I did it.  It was the first step to getting back in the groove.  There are really no words, but it did offer my mind time to really think.  The thing is, I reach for all those thoughts that flood my mind on any given day when I get out there.  I reach for them and hope that I can push them on a canvas, never to see them again.  Sometimes this happens, sometimes I just have more on my mind than before.  None the less, I got out in the garage and let what I call the process of thought vomit start.  

There was a lot of canvas washing. I really want to do some things with colors.  There was a lot of drawing with chalk. There were 10 frozen fingers.  4 frozen paws.  3 lady GaGa songs. 1 Jay-z song. 2 John Mayer. 1 Jesse McCartney. 3 Kings of Leon. 0 completed paintings.  Ahhh such is life…Wednesday.  That night is mine.  I will paint.  I will work. I will get it done.  Let the countdown begin.  24 hours and counting. 



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