to paint or to freeze?

Each and everyday I have had intentions to paint.  Everyday I have found an excuse not to.  This week the excuse was pretty standard.  It was just too dang cold.  Now, Dr. Snarky and other further north readers, I realize that my 30 degree weather is ten folds better than your negative 2 degree weather.  However, it is too cold for me to be sitting out in a garage with only a mini-heather and trying to be productive.  I have high hopes for this week.  I work minimally at second job and I think this will be the week.  The week when paintings are painted, invitations are made, maybe sent, and graphics are complete.

Please observe our nice fountain…I have a sneaking suspicion that the pipes froze.  I am not weather gal, but just a hunch.  On this cold day however I decided that I could recreate the greatness that is Izzo’s Illegal Burrito, so I did.  I rocked it.  Also on this frozen day, I got in my red and gray crawfish scarf, I love it, but it is not very warm.  Now today, I work on graphics and I might paint…oh who am I kidding, in 2 hours there will be no painting going on.  No fear, tomorrow, I will get in the garage and get it done.  Don’t let me slack!

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the frozen Artichoke



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