Going Local

Well, here I am in Lafayette, still a bit sick from last night, but I think my stomach is finally calming down.  I had to convince it that it is indeed my belly, not a gymnast. The weather outside is frightful, and there is no fire to be delightful, but there is a pork loin in the oven and veggies steaming for dinner.  Yummy.  While all this is going on I am sitting down and regrouping for the new year on some personal projects.  Paintings, cards, and the new job.  The job allows me to incorporate some of my personal stuff in the shop.  How exciting.  Oh the pressure.  That means tomorrow, saturday, and sunday I really want to spend some time in the garage painting.  I have also been looking into some great local artists to feature on the website to really get into the Lafayette spirit.  My attitude in getting acquainted here has been on time delay. I have now been here for almost a month and a half and just now accepting it as my new home.  (when I have a permenant address I will be sending out mailings, so if I don’t have your address make sure to send it to me.  Also I expect my mailings to be like the traveling gnome, so photos at their destination are required to be emailed to me to be featured!)  Well I have found my first favorite local Etsy artist.  Without further ado, meet CajunSpark!

Born in New York and raised near Toronto, Ont., I’ve lived in Louisiana since 1989 and love it. Great people and great food! I started designing jewelry 5 years ago after years of designing and making my own clothes. My inspiration comes from choosing beads in colors and shapes that I would like to work with and then going where they lead me. I rarely make the same thing twice. I’m particularly attracted to intense colors, and sleek shapes. Among Swarovski crystals, I use cuts and colors that are not generally available in retail outlets.

This is her story according to her.  Below is my favorite piece, “What a Mesh.”

{what a mesh?! indeed.  How awesome is this.  So simple, so different, so “oh-my-awesome!”}

I can’t wait to get some savings back in the bank and be able to get some of these awesome pieces!

Now I am off to tend to my pork and veggies.  Hope those of you across the country are having a bit better weather than is here in the South today. Also on another note, tonight is the BCS Championship and dare I say it…Roll Tide, errr go Longhorns, oh who am I kidding, Go Bama, I got to stick to my SEC!

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the virtual local shopping artichoke 


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