iPhone junky

Way back in the year 2009 I met a guy. This gentlemen, who for now we shall call Corn, liked to send long, I mean long texts. I, being the gal a bit behind on technology, would only get bits and pieces of these texts with my old school phone, and the ones I sent were terribly unclear and misspelled. Then one day Corn gave me his old blackberry. I was mondo appreciative, but still some texts went missing. In December of 2009 this young lad gave me an iPhone for Christmas. Oh my, oh my the junkie he’s created. This post is being typed via phone from the bathroom floor. I am sick…

That is all. I just had to explain why there may be more random posting about random things in real time.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the iPhone artichoke

Lil lagniappe… The photo below is corn in awe of my iPhone blogging(taken via phone of course). Not really: it is him in awe of old school Mario Brothers. But if he could see me blogging away from the cold bathroom floor, I am positive he’d make this face.


One response to “iPhone junky

  1. Me too girl!!! And you were so judgmental of my addiction when I got mine…lol. 😉 hope you feel better SOON! love you lots

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