jambalya, crawfish pie, file gumbo

son of a gun gonna have some fun on the bayou…

Let me tell you a little story.  I get a text message one day from my favorite guy.  This text says, “hey, Mitch is coming through town. I was thinking about inviting them over for dinner. You could invite your friends and I could call Gibbens and the lady and Chuck and Lauren. Thoughts?”  Whit: “Sure. I will ask Bob and Ehren, but that is a trek.” Favorite Guy: “Super!  I am thinking Gumbo.”  Here is where I make this face (ref picture to the right of the screen).  I think to myself thank goodness this is text messaging or he would be so offended by my face.  None the less, I start thinking gumbo right away. Gumbo for 8!  I can do it.  Well I get home and my favorite guy has emailed close to 20, maybe a bit more.  I then stress.  This means, I need 16 pounds of chicken, 12 pounds of sausage, 36 cups of chicken stock, and the absurd measurements go on.  Then I think, What pot am I going to put all this in….Solution, make it in batches! 

That night and for the next 3 days I worked on gumbo and potato salad(don’t get me started on the potato salad).  I cooked all 16 pounds of chicken and 12 pounds of sausage.  Look how beautiful my chicken was:

{note this is only about 4 pounds of chicken}

Then I made my roux and my favorite guy chopped onions, bell peppers, and celery.  He did a fine job.  Then our team work came together to make the roux/veggie concoction:

{doesn’t look very appetizing, but trust me, this is the heart of the gumbo you are looking at here}

Then after 2 hours of simmering and such the first batch of gumbo was done and in the pot in all its glory:

Let me just say it was tastee.  There turned out to be about 14 of us that enjoyed my creation.  I was very proud.  I had never made gumbo before. It was definitely a lot of work and many little arguments between me and my favorite guy, but in the end, well worth it.  I now have about 6 containers of gumbo frozen in my freezer.  So if anyone would like some just come on by!  Tonight: fish with baked sweet potato.  Yums(fingers crossed)

Lil’ Lagniappe:  I left my favorite guy with a list of things to do.  On that list was to hang the curtains in the bedroom.  He is not the handiest of guys when it comes to home improvement projects, but he tries. 

{notice this great balancing act he has going on here. Now the curtains are hung from the window with care!}

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the now gumbo pro artichoke


3 responses to “jambalya, crawfish pie, file gumbo

  1. 1.) I am impressed with your ability to whip up a tasty gumbo for a small army of people in only a few days. I’m even more impressed that this monumental amount of gumbo was done truly from scratch without resorting to roux-in-a-jar to save time.
    2.) I am very sad that I did not get a chance to sample this gumbo. 😦
    3.) Anyone who eats potato salad with gumbo is a communist and needs to be investigated for other un-American activities.

    Seriously, potato salad goes with frickin’ barbecue, not the frickin’ hallmark dish of Creole cuisine.

  2. O.k.!!!! You’ve officially inspired me:) What is it about Gumbo that is so scary? I am terrified to make it for some reason, and I’ve been staring at my New Orleans cookbook for weeks daring myself to open it and actually make something. . .your story was just the kick in the pants I needed! Thanks:)

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