i dream of cupcakes

One more post about the new year.  I find myself each year re-evaluating me, my current situation (which is always much different from the one before), and separating my dreams and goals.  I have one goal this year.  One goal and one goal only.  It can be summed up in one word: Solidify.  I want to solidify all the plans that I have set in motion for my life.  I think for all the mistakes I have made, I have indeed had the best of intentions, and where as I know the road to hell is paved with these good intentions, I also know these good intentions have set up a good foundation.  I just need to clear out the rubble and build on the strengths I have already found in myself.  Enough of that though…let’s talk about my dreams.   

All Day I Dream About Cupcakes!  All kinds. I have wanted to for a long time open a cupcakery/gallery.  Within the walls of the cupcakery, people could eat cake and enjoy art!  I think Marie Antoinette would be proud!  A lady that I did some freelance work for this year sent me this amazing cupcake ornament, which now hangs in my hutch year-round. On the bottom it says, “Here’s to dreams.”  There is something amazing about seeing this cupcake everyday.  It seems to call my name.  To dare me to start really making cupcakes.  Everyday I smile at the little feller and think someday, people with throw parties and have my cupcakes in attendance.  Till then…”Here’s to dreams.”

Lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the cupcake obsessed artichoke


One response to “i dream of cupcakes

  1. Here’s to dreams, indeed. Cheers!

    Also, Marie Antoinette never said that. The line is from an anecdote about a nameless princess invented by Jean-Jacques Rousseau in his autobiography (published when Marie was still a child). Later historians of the Revolution wrongfully attributed the statement to Marie in order to vilify the French royal family.

    You need historical factoids to counterbalance all of those biology tidbits.

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