movin’ on up

Well, I guess the title can be a bit misleading.  I have officially moved a bit west and a bit more into the Cajun country of Louisiana.  I bit further away from NOLA and a bit more into the heart of bayou’s, heart attacks, and potato salad in gumbo(this was a new revelation).  I have moved to Lafayette.  This was a move that has been quite…scary, exciting, unsettling, and “oh-my-awesomeness.” I am sure these are the emotions are common to every move as I felt the same way when I moved to Baton Rouge, then to Ruston, then to Houston, then back to NOLA area, and now to Lafayette. I feel the need to make a list of my top 5 here in Lafayette:

(5) What the heck is this nonsense of the intersection of Johnston and Ambassador people.  Must the developers have put all the commercial shopping all at one intersection?

(4) Accents…annunciate people.  I can’t understand you Frenglish wanna be Cajun accent.  I need you to enunciate and separate your words.

(3) Thank you for having 2 Sephoras in you one little town.  This makes me happy.  When I need a new eyeshadow, I can go in and touch up at my leisure.  All without purchasing.  Thank you Lafayette.

(2) Really Highway 90 police.  I realize people should not speed. I get you are protecting me…but I really feel like you are trapping me…must you hide at the bottom of a hill, at least make yourself known. 

(1) People of Lafayette: really? Really?!  Must you ruin my awesome first time completely home-made gumbo by adding a scoop of potato salad!  I worked on that Roux for 45 minutes and 2 days on that gumbo…You are disgracing it with a big ole scoop of potato salad.  I don’t care if this is how “true Cajuns” do it…RESPECT THE COOK.  The cook thinks potato salad belongs with a bbq chicken wing, not inside your gumbo.  I will forgive. I will never understand.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the Laffy Taffy artichoke?


3 responses to “movin’ on up

  1. You are hysterical. And thank you for #5. I shallshare with Billy as I’m the “weird” one bc I dint do this act…lol. I heart you batina!!!

  2. Ok- just love that “moved” graphic, I hope you will create a POSTAL of it. Just lover-ly!
    Happy New Year!

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