2 days

There comes a point at every year where we look back at the last year and ask ourselves… “What the [fill in the blank as it applies to you].”  Last year at this time I made a list of things to avoid.  I didn’t stick to the list like I should have, but I can’t complain about the year.  This year was my year of POP.  I have found myself strangely drawn to the poppy beats of the top 40 stations. It was at first that I hung my head in shame…until, well I embraced the new found love.  Then I found this video, and I knew that this was more than a mere fixation.  I was reminded of all my past loves of the year, and I knew me and pop music have had a brilliant reunion and it is a forever kind of love.  Don’t worry, Clapton, Dylan, and all my other acoustic loves will still hold my heart, but there is room for more in there.  Happy December 29th my loves.  Enjoy the video while I compose my thoughts and get a direction going for the entries to come!

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the dancing artichoke (pimento I am taking this house over with pop beats and my rocking dance moves right now)


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