love, actually

It is indeed that time of year.  The time of year when you fight the traffic to go purchase Christmas gifts, fight for that perfect parking spot, and cringe at the site of your bank statements. The time when you see lines to take a picture with Santa.  The time of year when you wish for that magical Christmas snow(which never happens in south Louisiana).  This perfect storm of long lines, money spent, jolly, round men, and chilly weather are called Christmas.  However, like all of us know it is not the reason for the season.

This month has been a perfect storm of ups and downs.  It started on November 20, 2009 when my car blew its engine on the interstate.  Followed by losing my job 4 days later.  Followed by fights with friends and family.  Meshed with a never-ending cold and complete lack of funds and no site of funds coming in.  Then I found a place that would fix my car for much less, meaning no car note.  Followed by a 2 week hiatus of no job, new town, no car, and no sunshine.  I got a job that I think I can really enjoy. Two days later the sun came out, and today I picked up my car and then today…my car started smoking/steaming.  Tomorrow I take it back.  It’s a perfect storm.  A perfectly fixable storm.  In storms like this you see the rainbows, you see the love.  It is a reminder we need here and there in our lives…I am glad mine came at Christmas cause love, actually, is the reason for the season. 

Love for a God who sent the world a son. Love for your family and friends.  Love for you puppy.  Love for the pimento in your life.  Here’s to the people in my life that remind me that Love, actually, is everywhere in my life.

There is of course my mom and my brother. 

There is the one and only Batista!

The awesomeness that is these two ladies!

and then there is the pimento.

and then there is Dr. Snarky, who I shall have a current picture with in T minus 3 days.  And then there is Laura…and all the others that have so awesomely touched my lives and shown me love!

Love, Actually is everywhere.  Merry Christmas!

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the loved Artichoke


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